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The RISRC is proud to introduce the recipient of the 2023    Rhode Island Respiratory Therapist of the Year Award....


Please see the impressive nomination below we received for Stephen, and join us in sending him a big congratulations!

"I am writing to enthusiastically nominate Mr. Stephen Sillup for the prestigious RI Society for Respiratory Care Therapist of the Year Award. Mr. Sillup has demonstrated exceptional dedication, knowledge, and skill in the field of respiratory care, making him a worthy candidate for this esteemed recognition.

Stephen Sillup has consistently displayed a deep commitment to providing high-quality respiratory care to patients, both within our institution and the broader community. He exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding respiratory therapist, including expertise in assessing, treating, and managing respiratory conditions. His clinical proficiency and unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes are truly commendable.

Mr. Sillup's passion for advancing the field of respiratory care is evident through his active involvement in various professional development activities. He consistently seeks opportunities for continuous learning and stays updated with the latest advancements in respiratory therapy. His willingness to mentor and educate fellow colleagues showcases his dedication to fostering a culture of growth within our organization. He recently completed his BSRT degree.


Additionally, Stephen's exceptional communication skills and compassionate approach to patient care set him apart as an exemplary respiratory therapist. He consistently ensures that patients and their families receive comprehensive education about their conditions and treatment plans, empowering them to actively participate in their healthcare journey.


Stephen Sillup embodies the values and principles of the RI Society for Respiratory Care, and his exceptional contributions make him a standout candidate for the Therapist of the Year Award. We regularly receive emails from physicians and nursing staff to inform us of Stephen's dedication to the patients and his knowledge. He is a true asset to our organization and the respiratory care community as a whole.


I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Stephen Sillup for the RI Society for Respiratory Care Therapist of the Year Award. His passion, dedication, and outstanding achievements in the field of respiratory care make him highly deserving of this prestigious honor."

Stephen Sillup, BSRC, RRT


We'd like to give special recognition to the other nominees. We are very proud of the work you do. We hope you continue to inspire your co-workers and other RTs and we look forward to seeing you nominated again next year!
Jackie Tripp

Monica Diaz

Previous Recipients

2023: Pierre Gedeon, CRT
2021: Nicole Watkins, RRT
2020: Jeanne Massey, RRT

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