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The RISRC is proud to introduce the recipient of the 2022    Rhode Island Respiratory Therapist of the Year Award....


Please see below the wonderful nomination we received for Pierre, and join us in sending him a big congratulations!

"I am writing this email to nominate Pierre Gedeon for the award. When I first met Pierre, I was a student. To certain therapists, having a student can either be a nuisance or a joy, but either way the student can feel the emotion their preceptor carries. Pierre was delighted to have students. He was and is still friendly, open to questions, makes one feel included, and tests one's knowledge to show they understand. Pierre ensures that students comprehend what it is they're doing and learning, even if it means he has to change his way of explaining it so that it helps them understand. 

Aside from Pierre being a great preceptor at one point in many RT's lives, including mine, I now get to call him my coworker. Pierre is knowledgeable, meticulous with patient care, treats the patients how they deserve to be treated, and gives his all for however many crazy hours he picks up that week. He works at multiple Hospitals and is an asset to all of them because of his experience and dependency. I later learned that Pierre not only has his Registry, but also that he holds a bachelor's degree as well, which are both quite an achievement, but at the end of the day, you can't teach above and beyond bedside manor, like he has. 

Pierre embodies what a respiratory therapist is and should be, and that's why I'm nominating him for this award."

Pierre Gedeon, CRT


We'd like to give special recognition to the other nominees. We are very proud of the work you do. We hope you continue to inspire your co-workers and other RTs and we look forward to seeing you nominated again next year!
Nicole St. Jean

Valeria Tierney

Previous Recipients

2021: Nicole Watkins, RRT
2020: Jeanne Massey, RRT

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